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- Survey and determination of computing equipment (hardware)
- Design of forms to be used.
- Systems installation in your equipment, for single-user Operating Systems: MS-DOS, Windows; as well as for multi-users Systems NOVELL NETWORKS, OPEN SERVER, WINDOWS NT / XP. etc.
- Permanent improvement courses for the operation staff.
- Periodical updates and maintenance of installed systems.
- Guarantee and permanent support by personal visits, phone calls and/or attention by modems and/or ADSL (broadband) for the optimization of the system’s global operation.
- Control of issues produced in the equipment to request repairs to third parties, possible reinstallation of affected systems, detection and/or deletion of computer viruses.
- Assessing on equipment growth needs.
- Informatics Technical Service, equipment sales, and computer supplies.
- Scheduled technical maintenance.


The interconnection of any company or commercial office is fundamental to improve the communications and data transmission. The order, control, speed and efficiency of your company will be increased with a computer network implementation. Our services include from layout to network administration, passing through its installation and configuration.


In its origins the Interkambio’s target, was the design and elaboration of audio-visual courses for the attention of micros and small industralists, subject very little developed in our country, for such reason we have a qualified staff in the pedagogical design of technical or productive contents. Throughout these years we have elaborated and produced audio-visual courses that circulate in the market. A sample is the works for the foreigner like for other institutions. Due to the great experience obtained throughout all these years in Interkambio, now it is developing specialized audio-visual production courses.

Interkambio offers educative products and services that adapt to the industries and companies necessities. Contributing directly in productivity improvement. Our goal is to provide human resources and to be development tools for professionals, as well as strategic partner of the companies. The services have been developed through different modalities from qualification, according to specific objectives of each company