Desarrollo Soporte Técnico Diseño Dominios E-mail Marketing


Communicate with your customers and friends in an effective way. Send newsletters, offers, news, greetings and relevant information, providing a high impact professional visual presentation.

This service consists in an e-mail platform, which will allow you to manage your mailing list and campaigns. If your business has the marketing department (Sales-Offers), this plan fits perfectly. The person who is in charge will prepare the campaign of massive sending, creating the newsletter. Meanwhile he will program the rate and amount of e-mails and finally, he'll send your campaign. Furthermore, we will provide you a very detailed report of the sent e-mails notifying who opened the e-mails, who clicked on them, how many saw the newsletter, geographic location where it was opened, etc.

What benefits can you get from this service?

• Improve your sales performance.
• Improve Customer loyalty.
• Be in close contact with potential customers.
• Increase traffic to your website.
• Make a better impression on your customers than your business competitors
• Significant cost savings in Publicity.
• Notify your customers about relevant news or new essential products or services.

This program is designed for companies who have clients who send thousands of e-mails and need to have them all in an e-mail platform, constantly controlling the use and results of each campaign. For this, you should have a list of your customers' e-mails and we will provide you an "e-mail platform" placing at your disposal a "user" and "password" so that you can log in the "Management Panel" and prepare your campaignes from here.