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The Internet provides low cost opportunities for web services that help companies to promote their products and services anywhere over the world. Our team of IT professionals is qualified with the latest techniques and technologies for the dynamic processing of your business. We are focused on producing, managing and implementing your Web site.


An E-Commerce site integrates the products catalog, Shopping carts and Payment Gateway, Everything in a simple and easy way for the visitor and the manager. We have two types of E-Commerce Web sites that include: Management: Product Management, Orders/Shipment Management, and Client Management. Front End: Dynamic Product Catalogue, Shopping Carts, Payment Gateway, Client Registration.


No company can afford not to pay attention to the sales potential the Internet has nowadays. The shopping cart provides the client a customized purchase experience without sacrificing product accessibility. The shopping cart allows to add products, define the amount to purchase, makes mathematical calculations that include the subtotal, the taxes, the shipment cost, the final price to pay, including the payment gateway, and does it all in real time, without complications for the client.


The products catalogs made by our professionals have the potential to turn into fast sales, these products catalogs include images, inventory, price, shipping cost and other information to highlight the product to be attractive for the client. The products catalogs allow making dynamic searches, even refining beyond to the conventional result.


The Content Management System (CMS) allows to manage, publish, update, modify, and delete information from the Web site in a fast, easy manner.


A fast and mature technology with great power for applications, particularly for the management, showing organized data. DOM along with XSL, allows more efficient applications for data transmission, from dynamic applications or static applications. Next some uses of XML Applications:
• XSLT and Xpath
• Simple API for XML (SAX)
• Database integrated schemes/XML
• Data transfer between B2B applications
• XML and flash integration
• Database interaction